Youth Programs

PTM Programs for Youth (PTM) was established by Pat Murphy over a decade ago with the mission to develop life skills through baseball.  What started as a true grassroots concept in Coach Murphy’s backyard has successfully grown into its own brand known as Sandlot Baseball.  The Sandlot program offered free clinics to kids regardless of socio-economic status, every Monday night for a few years.  Not only did it teach baseball skills, but it created a sense of baseball as a family game;  entire families would come out to enjoy the evening.  PTM was able to cover all costs from facility rental, to instruction, and even food and drinks for all families, which typically served over 100 families per week.  What has spawned from this is the current adaptation known as “Sandlot All Stars” which has shifted the paradigm for youth baseball.

The Sandlot All Stars program has adopted the philosophy that you can build a youth baseball organization based on core principles of family, integrity, and service. These kids are enriched by the experience of competing at the highest level, learning the game, respecting the game and giving back to the community. The Sandlot All Stars proves to be a model that with the proper structure and support, kids that love the game can get the “high level” experience and build the foundation for a life-long love of the game.

USSSA Winter Nationals 2009

This philosophy has translated into overwhelming success on the field for the Sandlot kids: since this group was assembled a couple of years ago, they have amassed a win-loss record of 136-19 and have won several tournaments including the Arizona State Championship in the Spring of 2009 and  the 9U National Championship in the winter of 2010.  These players are being taught the importance of “giving back” with their involvement in service programs to give less fortunate kids opportunities in baseball.

PTM is committed to push this shift of paradigm in youth baseball.  The organization’s objective is to make an impact one player at a time by building a love and respect for the game, while staying true to the core principles of family, integrity and service.

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