What Others Are Saying

“I have learned so much from Coach Murphy, both on and off the field. He helped me to develop an attitude about myself that has allowed me to succeed in baseball and in life in ways I never could have imagined. He had a tremendous impact on me when I was at ASU and it continues to this day.”

Dustin Pedroia 
Boston Red Sox 2nd Baseman
4x All-Star & 2008 AL MVP


“I’m not where I am without Murph. He gave me a second chance when I don’t know if anyone else would’ve. He believed in me on the field, but he believed in me as a person and that’s what I needed… I don’t think you can have enough of that advice off the field.”

Jason Kipnis
Former ASU Player, current Cleveland Indian and 2x All-Star


“Pat is one of the best coaches I’ve ever observed regardless of the sport. He is enthusiastic, intelligent and an excellent communicator and motivator. I learned a great deal by observing him coach his Notre Dame teams.”

Lou Holtz
College Football Hall of Fame coach


“I have always been a big fan and supporter of Murph. He always has his players prepared for the challenge mentally and physically, not just at ASU but as they move further in their professional careers. He always has one of the best programs in the country.”

Luis Gonzalez
19-year Major League veteran & Current Sr Advisor to Diamondbacks President & CEO


“I had the pleasure of working with Coach Murphy for three years at Notre Dame. He is intense, knowledgeable – a player’s coach. He coaches baseball with a football mentality.”

Barry Alvarez
Former Wisconsin head football coach and current Wisconsin Athletic Director


“His personality, his communication skills, he has a unique ability to motivate and inspire. He’s lived a pretty unique life and he’s got some incredible stories that I think he found unique ways to relate to guys on our team to inspire and motivate”

Ryan Braun
Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder
6x All-Star & 2011 NL MVP

“Excluding my parents, no one has had a greater impact on my career as a baseball player and my development as a person than Coach Murphy.”

Craig Counsell
Former Murphy player at Notre Dame, 16-year MLB Vet & current Milwaukee Brewers Manager


“I came in confident but not confident enough, and didn’t know what type of player I was or what direction I was going in. Coach Murphy and his staff pointed me in the right direction and helped me tremendously in becoming the player I am today.”

Andre Ethier
Former ASU outfielder, current LA Dodger and 2x All-Star


“He knows what winning baseball is. He has a unique perspective on things and he’s not scared to challenge guys. He connects with players. From his experience in college to pro ball, he’s able to relate to a lot of different guys.”

AJ Preller
Executive VP, General Manager, San Diego Padres


“Any player who plays for Coach Murphy can count on two things: He will make them a better player and a better person.”

Joe Garagiola Jr.
Senior VP, Standards & On-Field Operations for Major League Baseball


“I chose ASU because I knew Murph would push me to get to the next level each and every day. I also felt that he would make me a better person on and off the field. Both of these things came true and ever since I started my pro career Murph has been an incredible friend and he is someone who I trust with my life.”

Willie Bloomquist
14-year Major Leaguer and Current Special Assistant to the President & CEO, Arizona Diamondbacks


“He’s a big culture guy. But he’s thrived in baseball and is still open to more information. He balances data as well as the human side of things, and that’s what I think has made him so successful.”

Dave Roberts
10-year Major Leaguer, Former Padres’ Bench Coach Current Manager, Los Angeles Dodgers


“Coach Murphy teaches his players sound fundamental baseball and also to become ‘mentally tough’ in preparing for professional baseball in facing challenges in life.”

Roland Hemond
Special Assistant to the President & CEO, Arizona Diamondbacks